1 8/28/2015

Collaborative Studio Pitch Day


What is Speculative Design?
Intro to Speculative City (presentation).
Go over WordPress CMS.
Research Report: Pick 3 from list.

assign: Reading 1 (9/4)
assign: Reading 2 (9/6)

Look at the Evolving Map of Design Practice & Design Research by Liz Sanders (2008) and consider its relevance to the other texts & your own experiences & expectations. (reading the text is optional).

 2 9/4/2015

What is Speculative Design?
due: Reading Response 1

Assign: Reading 2
Assign: Research Reports (selections & dates)

Speculative City Starter Workshop (1 hour)


After Capitalism…

due: Reading Response 2

Assign: Observation

assign: Reading 3 (9/11)
assign: Reading 4 (9/20)

assign: Incidental Anti-Capitalism in Design

Small Group Writing Exercise.

 3 9/11/2015

due: Reading Response 3

due: Observation (BRING PRINTED PHOTOS!)

in-class: work in small groups to identify observed artifact/ritual and begin Dark Matter

assign: Dark Matter

assign: new tech/science research


—Research Presentation Day 1
Noah: Environmental Anti-Capitalism
Shelbi: Studio PSK

due: Incidental Anti-Capitalism in Design

studio: work on Dark Matter


 4 9/18/2015

due: present Dark Matter (first review)

due: new tech/science research (posted to class site for all to use) & present to class



Amanda: Feminist Anti-Capitalism

due: Reading Response 4

assign: Reading Response 5

studio: Revise Dark Matter

MDes students visit (Craig Vogel)

 5 9/25/2015

CRIT: Dark Matter

assign: Speculative Visions
assign: Reading Response 6

Emily F visits





 6 10/02/2015

CRIT: Dark Matter (con’t) / studio: Speculative Visions

due: Reading Response 5

topic: “Real Utopias,” Strategic Design, Social Design, Design for Social Innovation, Value-Free Design…

studio: Speculative Visions



—Research Presentation Day 2
Alexandra: Chloe Rutzerveld
Masashi: Ai Hasegawa
Andrew C: Situationists

assign: Project Proposal

studio: Speculative Visions


 7 10/9/2015

CRIT: Speculative Visions

Decide: Team or Individual Projects


NO CLASS: Reading Days

 8 10/16/2015

Project Proposals!
Presentations: 1–5p
Start in 6450D at 1p


Proposals: Shelbi, Natalie

—Research Presentation Day 3
Gabrielle: Redneck Revolt

due: reading response 6

studio: Final Projects

 9 10/23/2015

studio: Final Projects


—Research Presentation Day 4
Emily: Paul Gong
Andrew V: Yes Men
Sebastien: Sputniko!
Akshat: UBI

studio: Final Projects

UC Anthropology Lecture Series at Taft Research Center: Andrew Newman (Wayne State University) will present  A People’s Atlas of Detroit: Research, Collaboration, and the Right to the City

4–5p, with a reception to follow.
 10 10/30/2015

CRIT: Final Projects (1st proto)


—Research Presentation Day 5
Natalie: Hussein Chalyan
Sarah: Afro-Futurism
Bridget: Archigram
Hannah: Zapatistas

Final Projects
Small Group project presentations

 11 11/06/2015

Individual meetings / studio visits


—Research Presentation Day 6
Maeve: Alice Wang
Adriana: Revital Cohen
Luke: Superstudio

Individual meetings / studio visits

 12 11/13/2015

CRIT: Final Projects (2nd proto)



studio: Final Projects

 13 11/20/2015

Final Presentations: Luke & Adriana

CRIT: Final Projects (3rd proto)


NO CLASS: Thanksgiving

 14 11/27/2015

CRIT: Final Projects (revise/refine)


studio: Final Projects

 15 12/04/2015

Course Evaluations
Studio Day
Post final Presentations by noon on Thurs.


Final Presentations: 1–5p

8–10 min. PDF (if need be) + prototype.
Background, Scenario, Users, Challenges/Opportunities, Project.

 16 12/11/2015

End of Semester Show
Room 5235, 5–7p
Set-up at 4p, ready by 5p, take down at 7p

Final Documentation due: Fri 12/14
post to box folder

Reflection Statement: 150–250 word statement on takeaways from the course. How could Discursive Design or any specific topic of study from this class impact your design process, practice, thinking?



Happy Holidays!