EOS show Project Label

End of Semester Show: Tues, Dec 11, 5–7p
Room 5235: Set-up at 4p, ready by 5p, take down at 7p

Add your project title, your name, discipline, and a brief project description. Include any relevant images: could be documentary, contextual, research, or process. Change the date to “Fall 2018.” Print and hang with your work at the show.

You may need to activate the fonts enclosed in the folder. If you need help, ask a graphic designer.

download this folder: _Exhibition Labels Folder

Sample Label

Final Documentation due: Fri 12/14
post to box folder 

Reflection Statement: 150–250 word statement on takeaways from the course. How could Discursive Design or any specific topic of study from this class impact your design process, practice, thinking?